CHiQ brand enters Australian market

Mega Chinese TV and consumer electronics company Changhong has launched CHiQ as Australia’s latest consumer electronics brand.

The range includes smart televisions and high-quality whitegoods (fridges and freezers) designed to appeal to “Everyday Australians who deserve well-designed consumer electronics and home appliances” said David Esler, general manager of sales and marketing for CHiQ Australia.

“CHiQ is a concept and brand – a blend of contemporary style with technology – that will make a lasting impression and earn us an even warmer welcome into the hearts and homes of style-conscious Australians, he added.

Esler emphasised that CHiQ had done its homework. Consumer and retailer feedback had shown that Australian homemakers and businesses that purchased Changhong products had been pleasantly surprised by the products’ performance and reliability.

“However, there’s no doubt that Australian consumers prefer to display appliances – in their homes, hotel rooms and commercial spaces – that sport a brand name with a more global appeal,” said Esler.

It is not just a rebranding exercise either. Changhong remains a value brand, and CHiQ is an aspirational brand – besides CHiQ is easier to say than Changhong!

Gadget Guy has not seen any of these products yet, so we cannot comment on quality, longevity or performance. International reviews are favourable and point to CHiQ as a fashion, beauty and elegance brand with a good heritage.

CHiQ will launch via Harvey Norman, Bing Lee and independent retail partners across approximately 700 stores nationwide.

The range includes

• G8 – 75 and 70” 4K 3840 x 2160, LED/LCD UHD, HDR TVs with a sleek metal finish and Netflix and other content clients
• G7 – 55” 4K, HDR
• G6 – 50 and 55” 4K, HDR
• G4 – 43, 50 and 55” HD 1920 x 1080
• And a range of G3 versions from 19 to 40” versions – some with a combo DVD player.

Fridges include top mount, bottom mount, French door, double door, four-door, bar and chest freezers including narrow models for smaller kitchens.