Ecovacs’ Winbot W1 Pro robot automatically cleans your windows

Ecovacs Winbot W1 Pro robot window cleaner

Branching out from robot vacuums in Australia, Ecovacs has announced the Winbot W1 Pro, a robot window cleaner designed to save time and clean difficult-to-reach spots.

Once set up, the square-shaped device automatically tracks up and down windows, cleaning them with a built-in spray function, suction, and mopping pads. The idea is that you can set the Winbot going and then enjoy having clean windows without all the manual effort.

Although new to Australia, Ecovacs has made window cleaners in overseas markets since 2011 alongside its vacuum technology. Priced at $799 locally, the Winbot W1 Pro costs the same amount as the recently-reviewed Deebot Neo’s RRP.

How the Winbot W1 Pro works

A fascinating device to watch in action, the Winbot functions similarly to other Ecovacs devices, by first connecting to the brand’s app. This lets you adjust various settings and receive real-time updates while the robot cleans. After filling the device with cleaning solution, you clip its cable to a nearby sturdy object, followed by pushing the main unit firmly onto the window. Once activated, the Winbot W1 Pro begins cleaning the surface according to your chosen settings.

You can choose from various types of cleans depending on how dirty the windows are. Various presets including fast, deep, and spot cleaning send the robot on different patterns moving up, down, and side to side along a window. The Ecovacs app also acts as a remote control, giving you precise control over the Winbot. This remote control feature seems handy if you want to clean a specific part or need help reaching a stain too high to reach normally.

As the Winbot W1 Pro cleans, it uses what Ecovacs refers to as a “dual-direction cross auto-spray technology”, spraying cleaning solution diagonally to cover as much surface area as possible. A combination of the device’s climbing ability and 2,800Pa suction power works to firmly clean your windows from top to bottom. Not just for the inside, you can also use the Winbot to clean the windows on the outside, too.

Available now, you can get the Winbot W1 Pro from various stores including:

Given that Ecovacs robot vacuums do a good job of keeping floors clean, we’re keen to see how the window cleaning technology goes in Australia for the first time.

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