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The Museum of Contemporary Art, the home of Australia’s thriving modern art scene was a fitting backdrop for the LG 2018 TV release. Some of its TVs even have a gallery art display feature.

You may not be aware that LG is a Major Sponsor of Innovation and Learning with the Sydney’s Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA). The museum runs several creative learning programs for kids that aim to encourage looking, thinking and creating in new ways.

The MCA’s 6th floor provided a magnificent backdrop to the LG’s 2018 TV 4K range comprising: three new OLED TVs; three new Super UHD; and three new Smart UHD LED. Screen sizes range from 43 to 77”.

LG 2018 TV

LG 2018 TV

LG 2018 TVThe ever-affable Angus Jones, General Manager of Marketing for LG Australia said that there was now only one LG Smart HD (1080p) TV (610) in LG 2018 TV range (for clarity the rest are 4K).

LG 2018 TV“LG is all about igniting your viewing passions be it sport, movies, free to air or streaming. Technicolor now endorses LG OLED. The partnership adds a new picture pre-set featuring HDR and colour settings optimised by Technicolor. The most accurate colours now become Hollywood colours too,” he said.

LG researched the Australian TV market.

  • 80% don’t have 4K
  • 50% of people think they will upgrade this year (to 4K)
  • 70% don’t have a sound bar or AV amp
  • 95% don’t have OLED – more on that later

LG also revealed that 7 million Australian’s use Freeview now to stream both catch-up TV as well as live HD TV instead of over-the-air. NBN speeds and unlimited data packages have enabled that. Also, 66% of Netflix viewing is on a large format screen (not mobile).

“LG is about giving you the best possible image quality for your budget. If you buy OLED, you get our latest Alpha A9 processor that gives these TVs far more power. That means better colour gradients, faster processing, and more. But more than that it is about a new ‘medium’. What else you can do with the panel?” Jones said.

“Globally and locally we work with some of the best in the business such as Netflix, Dolby, Meridian and Google to name a few, to bring their expertise and experience into our products. Based on these partnerships our focus is on continuing to offer Australians premium cinema viewing experiences in the comfort of their own homes.”

LG is a new creative medium

Jones introduced Ted O’Donnell and Viki Lee  (photographer and artist respectively) to talk about TV as a new artistic medium. LG already offers a gallery app that turns its Super UHD and OLEDs into a picture frame replete with masterpieces or your photos.

LG 2018 TV

It is a TV – an example of LG Gallery. Not O’Donnell and Lee work.

O’Donnell and Lee saw the LG panel as a creative medium like an electronic canvas. Its high refresh rates, one billion colours, HDR/Dolby Vision, allowed them to create a new living art form displayed on LG’s OLED panels. He raved about its ability to accurately reproduce colours – especially red.

Let’s ThinQ about it

All LG 2018 TV models come with ThinQ – LG’s AI functionality. That could be an important differentiator when buying a TV – added value.