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Review: LG OLED65CX smart TV

Want to watch a movie in May 2020? Well, forget about the cinema. How about a big TV for your home. And the best TV? OLED, without a doubt. The best OLED? Argu...
LG at IFA 2019

LG at IFA 2019

LG at IFA was all about class, elegance, design and a lot of innovation with its luxury Signature range, an 88-inch 8K OLED, and an insight into the AI-powered...

Review: LG OLED65C9 UltraHD TV

Thursday, 11 April, 2019: The Darling Hotel, Sydney. I’m dragging my eyes away from Spider-man: Into the Spider-verse as it (largely) fills the screen of LG’s ...

Review: LG OLED65C8 TV (review)

Let’s be clear, OLED is the best TV tech available today. And LG is the source of OLED. The LG OLED65C8 is the first of LG’s 2018 TV range that we’ve gotten our...
LG 2018 TV

LG 2018 TV range – ThinQ about it

The Museum of Contemporary Art, the home of Australia’s thriving modern art scene was a fitting backdrop for the LG 2018 TV release. Some of its TVs even have a...