LG talks up new laptops, monitors and Chrome OS, and we go hands-on

LG’s other 2013 machine, the Tab-book, will also be getting an upgrade, but from what LG tells us, it will be marketed only at business people in the B2B area.

For the new Tab-book, LG has cleaned up some of the edges, tightened the design, and generally made the machine feel a little more sturdy. Outside of the design, though, the insides have been upgraded too, with new Intel chips and a Full HD 11 inch screen used here.

Unfortunately, if you’re not buying in business, you’re unlikely to see it, which is a shame since the machine looks to be a nice update.

Outside of the laptops and Chromebase, there will also be a few monitors, and while last year saw LG really get itself deep in 21:9 ultra-wide territory, this year, the company is truly stuck inside.

We saw three, one of which was an updated model from last year’s 29EA73, but the one that really grabbed our attention is the company’s first QHD monitor.

With a screen size of 34 inches diagonally, it’s not a small screen by any stretch of the imagination, and with a resolution of 3440×1440, it really proves it.

This is one of the world’s first Quad HD displays, a monitor that isn’t quite the “Quad Full HD” that Ultra High Def 4K is, but still manages to pack in almost five million pixels thanks to that massive 3440×1440 resolution.

Called the 34UM95, its the first LG monitor to support Thunderbolt 2, and can even show both a Mac and a Windows PC at the same time by running both inputs side by side, a neat feature that will likely appeal to people who normally keep two monitors on their desk simultaneously.

Early March will see the release of this one, appearing in stores for a $1299 recommended retail price.

All up, it looks to be an interesting few months for LG in computers, and with a few more things coming out, such as a new mouse that features scanning technology, a Bluetooth headset that can also pick up on Facebook alerts, and a USB key with support for microUSB for phones, we could see LG make a play for some unexpected areas, too.

A mouse with an integrated scanner is apparently a popular item for business people, and this is the new version.