Nanoleaf 4D screen mirror reacts to your home entertainment setup

Nanoleaf 4D screen mirror Australia announcement

A flashy way to add some pizazz to your TV, the Nanoleaf 4D screen mirror is coming to Australia, adding to the smart lighting company’s range of eye-catching kit.

At a livestreamed event, Nanoleaf confirmed a bunch of new products in addition to the local availability of one of its lighting devices announced at CES 2023. One product we now know is definitely coming to local shores is the Nanoleaf 4D screen mirror, a camera and lightstrip combo that syncs with the colours and action of your TV.

Starting at $189.99 in Australia, the new Nanoleaf device looks like a dazzling way to light up your room while watching movies and playing games.

How does the Nanoleaf 4D screen mirror kit work?

With a camera that points directly at your display, the novel smart light captures the on-screen colours, syncing them with the included LED lightstrip you mount behind the TV. Nanoleaf refers to the result as a “true 4D effect that extends your content beyond the screen”. Capable of displaying gradients and different colour shades, the lightstrip bathes your room in a dynamic glow.

Even if you prefer a less full-on experience, the Nanoleaf 4D screen mirror kit has four “Mirror Modes” to choose from. Each one ramps up or dials down the lighting intensity depending on your preference. For example, the “1D” setting conjures a subtle glow based on the colours captured by the camera. Conversely, the eponymous “4D” setting programs the lightstrip to display highly reactive lighting that responds to the on-screen action.

Nanoleaf 4D camera and manual controller
You can place the Nanoleaf 4D camera above or below your display, along with the manual controller.

Gamers can also integrate with Overwolf, a dedicated platform that makes Nanoleaf lighting respond directly to in-game events. Across popular games like Apex Legends and Call of Duty, it generates unique lighting reacting to your kills, deaths, and other actions to add another layer to the gameplay experience. Sync+, another feature initially discussed at CES 2023, also lets you connect with other compatible Nanoleaf devices to react to the screen mirroring simultaneously.

Plus, you can control the Nanoleaf 4D screen mirror kit via the Nanoleaf App, available on desktop and mobile devices, to make changes on the fly. Additionally, there’s a manual controller that comes included, voice operation, and smart home compatibility with the likes of IFTTT and Razer Chroma. Nanoleaf also confirmed that Matter support is on the way later this year.

Price and release date

Available to pre-order now, the Nanoleaf 4D Screen Mirror & Lighstrip Kit comes in two lightstrip lengths for different TV sizes: 65-inch ($189.99) and 85-inch ($229.99). According to Nanoleaf, the kits will ship starting from mid-July. Until 8 July, you can also get up to 25% off 4D Bundles that come with Nanoleaf Shapes and Lines panels too.

It’s worth mentioning the privacy element, considering that the device hinges on placing a camera in your living room. Fortunately, the included camera doesn’t record or save anything, as it’s only for detecting colours. The camera also has a magnetic privacy cover you can draw closed when not in use.

It looks like a pretty neat device for putting on a fancy light show in your home. One immediate use I can think of is playing music at a house party paired with flashy visuals and having your own mini-rave.

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