Nanoleaf 4D uses a TV camera to create immersive smart lighting

Nanoleaf 4D TV smart light announcement CES 2023

Nanoleaf, the company well-known for its smart light and modular smart home technology, recently announced five new devices that will take advantage of Matter, the smart home protocol enabling different brands’ products to connect seamlessly. One of the flashiest reveals involved the Nanoleaf 4D, a smart light kit with a camera that monitors your TV to help bathe your room in corresponding colours.

Revealed at CES 2023 earlier this month, the five new pieces of Nanoleaf kit include three entries in the Sense+ Controls range, the modular Nanoleaf Skylight ceiling fixture, and the Nanoleaf 4D TV pack. All of the new items are expected to launch this year in addition to the Matter-supported Essentials range announced last year.

Nanoleaf Sense+ Controls introduce an assistant

First up is the Sense+ Controls range, designed for a hands-free smart lighting system. Here, you’ll find three products: a hardwired Smart Light Switch, a Wireless Smart Switch, and the Nala Learning Bridge.

While the switches are fairly self-explanatory, the Nala Learning Bridge serves multiple functions. Nala is the name of Nanoleaf’s new smart learning assistant that automatically personalises lighting settings based on your preferences. This includes turning lights on or off, and adjusting brightness and colour settings, all without your manual input. The idea is that over time, Nala will implement usage data to manage your smart light system for you.

As well as supporting Matter, the Nala Learning Bridge also functions as a Thread Border Router, while also providing a colour-changing night light to help you navigate in the dark. At this stage, the Sense+ Controls range is scheduled to launch during Q3 this year.

Nanoleaf 4D: an immersive TV lighting experience

If you’re worried about why a smart light system would need or include a camera, don’t stress. Included in the Nanoleaf 4D TV Smarter Kit is a Screen Mirror Camera that sits in front of your TV pointed directly at it.

Why does it do this? Well, it provides info for the accompanying Smart Addressable Lightstrip to synchronise with the TV, mirroring the picture and lighting your room in matching colours. To do this, it uses Sync+ technology, which can also be used to beam different presets to other Nanoleaf smart lights, immersing your entire room in dazzling light shows.

The Nanoleaf 4D TV Smarter Kit launches in Q2 this year, with different length options suited to TVs between 55-65 inches and 65-85 inches.

Bask in the smart light glow of Nanoleaf Skylight

Operated over Wi-Fi, Nanoleaf Skylight is a series of modular square-shaped RGBW LED panels you can place on the ceiling to offer ambient lighting in over 16 million different colours. You can also opt for a more conventional white lighting if you choose. Along with several other Nanoleaf features, the Skylight panels also function as a Thread Border Router in addition to housing Sense+ sensors for smart light animations and automations.

Launching at a similar time to the Sense+ Controls range, the Nanoleaf Skylight has a Q3 2023 launch window.

With more smart home technology supporting Matter, it should theoretically make it even easier to play with fancy smart lighting. Nanoleaf 4D seems like a natural extension of the existing range of TV lighting technology and could create an even more immersive experience.

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