Samsung better normal for all in 2021

better normal for all
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French prophet and philosopher Michel de Nostradamus predicted an Apocalypse, Famine, and Asteroids. We will take the Samsung better normal for all in 2021 prediction any day.

For all you doomsday soothsayers there is a nice Nostradamus article here. If you finish reading that in a fit state, we can tell you what Samsung means.

Samsung better normal for all
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Samsung better normal for all in 2021

It all starts after 2020 – the annus horribilis of the 21st century (well so far). Let’s just say that the Work-From-Home phenomenon (WFH GadgetGuy article here) means we swapped from ‘clubbing for cleaning’.

WHF meant we bought every laptop, monitor, webcam accessory on the fast-depleting retailer’s shelves.

Faced with not going to the cinema we bought large screen 4K TVs, soundbars and video streaming subscriptions. NBN data use skyrocketed, so we purchased NETGEAR Wi-Fi routers too.

And when that expensive OS trip was cancelled, those lucky to get money back from the travel industries cold dead hands, put it into the home, laundry and kitchen renos. New appliances, fridges, dishwashers flew out the door at a rate that made even grumpy old Gerry Harvey smile.

In a few words – we became more self-sufficient relying on contactless deliveries from Dan Murphies and Woolies/Coles to survive. All the while tut-tutting Victorian COVID-convicts and watching 20-year-old TV series as if they were as fresh as yesterday.

Why Samsung expects a better normal for all in 2021

Nostradamus aside (and Samsung cannot do much about the prophecies of a man that died in 1566) it has conducted ongoing Australians@HOME research. Here is a brief overview – the infographic is at the end.

  • Watching TV became a more communal experience – with 28% of households watching TV shows together more often in 2020
  • Australians spend 37 hrs/wk in front of a TV, streaming services and watching sport
  • On average Aussie households have 2.7 TVs, with 30% of all TVs now in the bedroom
  • In 2020, many Aussies turned to the kitchen with 44% cooking from scratch more
  • We brought back family dinner time with 29% of Australians eating more meals together
  • One-in-four Australians spent more time cleaning, while a third of Millennials were cleaning more – on average 7.3 hours a week
  • 27% of Aussies are doing a deep clean weekly; more prominent amongst 18–24-year-olds (40%) who were out cleaning their parents (16%, 55 to 75-year-olds)

Samsung’s response – Better Normal for All in 2021

It bought forward things like

  • Samsung Bespoke 4-Door Flex (information here)
  • Lifestyle TV and 110-inch MICRO LED TV (information here)
  • Smart Monitor – no PC needed (information here)
  • SmartThings Cooking: An automatic meal planner powered by Whisk’s Food AI recommends meals for the whole week. It makes shopping lists with the ingredients you need, and connects to grocery retailers for one-stop shopping straight from the Family Hub refrigerator or your mobile screen. Recipe instructions can be sent directly to synced Samsung cooking devices to minimise hassles and mistakes.
  • Galaxy Upcycling at Home: The new program reimagines an older Galaxy phone’s lifecycle and offers consumers options on how they might be able to repurpose their device to create a variety of convenient IoT tools.
  • TV Eco Packaging: on all QLED, UHD TV, monitor, and audio products in 2021.
  • Samsung Health Smart Trainer on Samsung 2021 TVs: Smart Trainer analyses posture in real-time. Smart Trainer provides feedback on your form during and post-workout, helps you count your reps, and estimates calories burned. With video and interactive training via Bixby-enabled voice control, Samsung Health Smart Trainer elevates and personalises the home workout experience.

And in robotics

  • JetBot 90 AI+: Camera, LiDAR and 3D sensors allow it to avoid cables and small objects, while still cleaning hard-to-reach corners in your home.
  • Samsung Bot Care5: uses AI to recognise and respond to your behaviour. It will act as both a robotic assistant and companion learning your schedule and habits and send you reminders to help guide you throughout your busy day.
  • Samsung Bot Handy: relies on advanced AI to recognise and pick-up objects of varying sizes, shapes and weights, becoming an extension of you and working around the house. It can tell the difference between various objects’ material composition, using the appropriate amount of force to grab and move around household items and objects. It can help with house chores like cleaning up messy rooms or sorting out the dishes after a meal.
Samsung better normal for all
Samsung better normal for all
Samsung better normal for all
Samsung better normal for all

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