Watch the Mars Curiosity Rover land on the red planet at 3.30PM AEST

Space travel will probably arrive as a forum of tourism in the near future, but most of us will probably never get to land on Mars and explore it for ourselves. That’s why it’s insanely important for you to watch the Curiosity Rover land at 3.30PM Sydney / Melbourne time today.

The current mission for the Mars Science Laboratory will study a specific region of the planet and work out whether or not the environment could be or ever was habitable, with the mission lasting one Mars year, or roughly 98 weeks for us.

Curiosity is landing in a different spot to the previous rovers.

Officially, NASA plans to start showing its feed of the Mars Curiosity Rover landing from 1.30PM, but two hours later, you’ll be able to join tens of thousands around the world tuning in and watching the newest rover land lightyears away on Mars with the stream below.