Hisense ConnectLife could help you save power on its 2023 home appliance range

Hisense ConnectLife smart home app fridge CES 2023

During CES 2023, Hisense revealed that ConnectLife, its smart home ecosystem, will be part of the brand’s entire home appliance range throughout 2023. It’s part of the growing smart home trend to enable greater connectivity between devices. Plus, it could make running your fridge cheaper.

Available using the ConnectLife app, the smart home technology currently enables control of recent Hisense air conditioners using a smartphone. Here, you can adjust heating and cooling features through the app. Similar features across other Hisense home appliances will join the ConnectLife ecosystem as the company prepares to launch its 2023 range.

According to data from Telsyte, 69% of Australian households had at least one Internet of Things (IoT) device in 2022, with further growth anticipated. IoT devices, commonly referred to as smart home devices, refer to objects with some form of internet or other connectivity-enabled features.

Common smart home products include voice-assistant speakers like Google Home, Amazon Echo, and Apple HomePod Mini. A large future driver of the category is seen to be the adoption of Matter, a wireless protocol that’s faster, more secure, and enables connectivity between different brands’ products.

Hisense’s 2023 plans for ConnectLife

Expect to see new whitegoods from Hisense later in 2023, which will feature some form of ConnectLife functionality, letting you monitor and control multiple devices in one place via the app. One promising aspect to come from this includes Holiday Mode. When enabled, it will potentially help you save on your power bill if you’re away and don’t have perishables in your fridge, for example. As explained by Hisense, Holiday Mode will power down your fridge to standby mode while maintaining freezer function.

Continuing the smart fridge example, another use case is to switch on the Super Cool and Super Freeze modes using the ConnectLife app. Here, you could quickly drop your fridge or freezer’s temperature for six hours to quickly chill food and drink as needed – like before a party.

Available now on the App Store and Google Play, the ConnectLife app will be the hub of Hisense’s smart home technology into the future. More news is expected later this year on what products are inbound, including their full smart IoT functionality.

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