Internode and Westnet shutdown: TPG moves customers to iiNet

Internode Westnet shutdown TPG
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Internode and Westnet have stopped taking NBN and mobile customers ahead of an eventual shutdown, as part of parent company TPG Telecom’s efforts to streamline its brands.

As reported by WhistleOut, TPG will move people over to iiNet instead, a move labelled an “end of an era” by Internode co-founder Simon Hackett. It follows the telco’s decision earlier in the year to shut down email services, partnering with The Messaging Company as an alternative.

Existing Internode and Westnet customers will continue to receive services in the meantime. Eventually, customers will transition over to iiNet. According to a section on Westnet’s website, this will take place “in early 2024”. If you’re with either of the affected telcos, you’ll receive at least 30 days’ notice prior to the transition.

“We have made the decision to simplify our products and platforms and allow us to focus our resources on delivering services to our existing customers,” an explainer on the Internode website reads.

For now, anyone with an existing account can still change plans and account details. This even includes customers moving house. New customers, however, are directed to sign up with iiNet.

Internode and Westnet shutdown: alternative plans

NBN internet through iiNet starts at $64.99 per month for the 12Mbps tier making it one of the cheapest NBN plans among the low-speed products. If you want faster download speeds, though, there are plenty of cheaper options elsewhere.

After recent changes to NBN wholesale pricing, it’s worth shopping around for the best deal. As for mobile users, iiNet is one of the cheapest SIM plan providers, starting at $10 for its Vodafone network service.

According to TPG Telecom’s 2023 half-year financial report, the company turned a $48 million profit after tax, down from $167 million during the same period last year. This may provide some explanation for the telco trimming its portfolio. Although it’s not known exactly how many of the company’s 7.5 million services derive from Internode and Westnet specifically, it’s sure to impact a decent number of Australians.

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