The best tech gifts for kids this Christmas

Best tech gifts for kids Christmas 2022
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These days, there are so many great tech toys for kids that are fun and occasionally educational (sometimes you have to squint a bit to justify it, but it’s there). If you’re doing a bit of last-minute Christmas gift shopping, here is a guide to help you find the best tech gifts for kids aged 1-15.

If you need some ideas for the bigger kids, check out GadgetGuy’s guide to tech gifts for all ages.

The best tech gifts for kids

VTech KidiGo NexTag

VTech tag - best tech gifts for kids

Technically this tag kit is completely pointless because kids can already run around and play tag without technology. However, it is just so much fun (for the young at heart, as well as the young), that it makes a great gift. In the box you get four arm bands, each with a speaker, coloured light, large tag button, and indicator light to show who is “it” or in/out. It’s also got 20 games built in, including Zombie Tag, Freeze Tag, Secret Mission, Dino Defence and Tap ‘Em All. The only downside is that each unit requires 2 AA batteries, which are not included.

LeapFrog Magic Adventures Microscope

LeapFrog Microscope

This microscope is brilliant for any curious kid. It includes a bunch of smart slides which includes more than 240 images and videos from the BBC to learn about human cells, plants, food, metal and a bunch of other stuff. There’s also four built in games, quizzes to test knowledge and fun facts. Kids can then collect their own samples and with them with up to 200x zoom, and even take photos of their finds and store them on the device. It’s just such a cool way to encourage exploration and curiosity, if you’re able to handle the machine’s weird narrator.

Marvel Battle Cubes Spider-Man Arena Playset

There’s really no way to spin this one as educational to the kid’s parents, but it basically answers the question “what if Beyblades was an elaborate way of playing rock, paper, scissors, and there was also an app for some reason?”

As an adult, I have to admit that I don’t quite understand the point of Battle Cubes, but it is really fun to watch them break open and kids seem to love it, so who am I to argue?

LeapFrog LeapPods Max

We all know at least one child that is constantly playing loud iPad games and YouTube videos on their iPad. While there is zero shame in giving a kid screen time, there should be some shame in inflicting the sounds of that screen time on innocent bystanders by using the iPad’s speakers in public instead of using headphones.

LeapFrog headphones kid dancing

These LeapPods Max are over-ear headphones designed for kids aged 4 and up, with a volume limiter to make sure they don’t damage their hearing. Even when the child doesn’t have the headphones connected to a device over Bluetooth, there are still lots of built-in audio activities for them to enjoy, including Dance Party, Adventures, Learning Songs, Quiet Time, and soothing Instrumentals to calm them down. There’s even an included booklet to illustrate the audio adventures. Frankly, I wish the AirPod Maxes had this much functionality. This truly is a gift for the whole family. Which, obviously, makes it one of the best tech gifts for kids.

VTech KidiZoom Print Cam

Kids love being able to explore and show the world how they see it. But instead of always taking your phone to take pictures with it, this KidiZoom Print Cam is a great alternative. It’s designed for little hands, drop resistant, and can instantly print the photos they take in black and white.

As well as that, the camera can turn the child’s photos into colouring pages, birthday cards, and cartoons to be printed. It can also take videos, has more than 110 print templates, a rechargeable battery, fun games to play, and each roll of KidiZoom PrintCam paper can print 80 photos, unlike the film cameras of our youth. Refill packs of 5 rolls of paper cost $15.

Rukus fx

The Rukus fx is a fun, smart, portable musical instrument that allows the user to make 80 sound effects and mix 120 music tracks. You can make music while you dance to it

While the box of the Rukus fx says 6+, it’s also become huge on TikTok with Gen Z creators making videos of themselves creating music. So, it’s a good gift for all ages.

Ruckus FX

Better yet, the 3 AAA batteries are included.

Apple Arcade subscription

  • Any age where they have an Apple product
  • Price: $4.99 a month
  • Buy: Apple

Give the gift of video games without ads or in-app purchases. Kids mobile games are plagued by ads for inappropriate products, and ways of manipulating kids into spending far too much real-world money on digital items. Apple Arcade games have none of that nonsense, making them a much better fit for kids.

The games can be played on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and Macs with either touch controls or a traditional game controller. There’s something there for most ages from about 3-ish to 99, and a subscription is compatible with Family Sharing so the kid’s parents and siblings can play too.

Xbox Game Pass Subscription

  • Ages 5+
  • Price: From $10.95 a month
  • Buy: Xbox

If you know this kid likes games, and has access to a device that’s compatible with Xbox Game Pass (Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC) or Xbox Game Pass Cloud Gaming (Samsung TVs 2021 and newer, LG TVs YEAR, almost any computer, most mobile phones, providing there is a strong internet connection), then an Xbox Game Pass subscription will give them access to more than 100 games.

All Xbox-exclusive titles are included at launch, along with dozens of other games for all ages. This is better suited to older kids, because most games skew a bit older, but there’s definitely something for everyone in there.

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