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Australians consume 3.1 exabytes … in one quarter

3 days ago

ACMA, the Australian Communications and Media Authority, has released its latest report to the Federal Parliament.* And, yes, in three months of this year, Australians

X-Mas Gift Guide: Ear gear for Christmas

4 days ago

Does your loved one like a little private listening? Are they a committed sportsperson who needs some personal audio to help pass the hours on

Microsoft Edge comes to Android

6 days ago

When Windows 10 was released two years ago, it came with a brand new browser by the name of “Edge”. This was both very stylish,

X-Mas Gift Guide: Smart Phones for Christmas

1 week ago

The good thing, and the bad thing, about mobile phones is that you can expect a life of about two or three years out of

Resetting a Windows 8 computer for fun

1 week ago

One of my kids has left long behind her 2012 HP Pavilion G6 notebook computer. It was slow, clunky, overloaded and unwanted, so I decided

Epson launches five and six colour Expression Premium Photo printers

1 week ago

It seems that the full colour range available to the human eye can’t be fully expressed just by mixing three or four colours. At least

HDMI goes 8K

2 weeks ago

Perhaps it’s time to change the name. HDMI stands for “High-Definition Multimedia Interface”, but for some time it has supported Ultra High Definition, and now

Epson uses AR for drone flight simulation

2 weeks ago

Epson is coming up with exciting new applications for its Moverio BT-300 Augmented Reality eyewear. As we mentioned in our review several months ago, amongst

X-Mas Gift Guide: Computers for Christmas

2 weeks ago

Computers are commodities these days. Well, most of them are. But there are still models that stand out from the pack to the point where

Leica’s new compact CL APS-C camera system

2 weeks ago

Queen Victoria Building, Sydney, 24 November 2017: German camera maker Leica has launched its new Leica CL camera. Based on the APS-C system, it employs

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