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GadgetGuy 2014 Holiday Gift Guide: Last minute

Christmas is pretty much right around the corner, and if you haven’t had the time to grab a gift, we’re going to help out with some ideas at shops that shouldn’t be too hard to find.

10:04 am 19/12/2014 By Leigh D. Stark

BlackBerry to return in 2015 with the Classic

BlackBerry’s grip on the business smartphone market has more or less loosened to the point of barely being held, but the company doesn’t want to be forgotten and will have a nod to customers coming next year.

9:10 am 19/12/2014 By Leigh D. Stark

What is a selfie stick? (and why many are using it wrong)

One of the questions that has populated our social feeds the past few weeks appears to be something many are seeing around the world: poles that hold people’s smartphones that allow them to take a self-portraits from afar. But the selfie stick is more than just a pole, and there’s a better way to use it than what we’re seeing.

5:41 pm 18/12/2014 By Leigh D. Stark

Sony PS4 grabs more catch-up TV this holiday season

If gaming’s not your thing, and yet you still own a PlayStation 4, you’ll be pleased to know that Sony’s next-gen console is now equipped to deal with more streaming television.

3:08 pm 18/12/2014 By Leigh D. Stark

Instagram updates with new filters, more controls

If you’re a keen Instagrammer and you live by the camera of your smartphone, you’ll be happy to hear you have new filters inbound, as well as a way of switching off the ones you don’t like.

12:00 pm 18/12/2014 By Staff writers

Microsoft gives a gift with Aussie Xbox servers

We’re expecting to be doing some gaming over the break, and if you are too and are an Xbox One owner, less lag could be the best present you’ll receive.

5:13 pm 17/12/2014 By Leigh D. Stark

Telstra’s $99 4G phone reviewed: is the HTC Desire 510 worth your time?

What does $99 buy you in a phone? The answer is apparently 4G, and now Telstra is joining in with the whole budget 4G movement, with a small, fast, and cheap HTC handset.

4:23 pm 17/12/2014 By Leigh D. Stark

LG previews CES 2015 with quantum dot TVs

Just when you thought TVs couldn’t get any better, a new type of technology shows up to make them even more vivid and detailed.

5:42 pm 16/12/2014 By Leigh D. Stark

Lenco enters the market with another take on multi-room audio

Sonos isn’t the only company doing multi-room anymore, and now that Samsung, LG, and Panasonic are giving it a good thwack, it’s time to see what other companies can do.

2:25 pm 16/12/2014 By Staff writers

Review: Fitbit Charge

If you feel like you need technology to help you out with that whole losing weight thing, Fitbit is here to help, and it’s hoping the Charge band gives you new momentum to start moving.

5:31 pm 15/12/2014 By Leigh D. Stark

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