Review: Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ2500 digital camera

4 hours ago

The Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ2500 digital camera is a very interesting beast. It is priced at significantly more than many interchangeable lens cameras, yet it has a fixed lens. It’s also

Review: Belkin Boost Up Wireless Charging Pad

3 days ago

Perhaps I’m fussy, but if there’s one thing I hate most about Android phones, it’s plugging in the horrible charging connector. And that’s something you’ve got to do every day.

New Interchangeable lens cameras from Canon

4 days ago

Canon has announced the release of, well, a fair bunch of stuff today. Principally cameras: two DSLRs and one mirrorless digital camera. Let’s start mirrorless. The Canon EOS M6 is

TIP: Speeding Up the Microsoft Word and OneDrive combo

4 days ago

For a while there I couldn’t understand what was going on. I was creating my reviews and articles for in Microsoft Word (I have an Office 365 subscription), but

IMDB Retiring Message Boards

5 days ago

Movie junkies – well, this one at least – usually keep a browser tab open on IMDB. That’s the Internet Movie Database. This is the site that has incredibly detailed

See the future of technology in your home

5 days ago

Want to see what sort of technology you can expect in your home to make your life easier? Check out the interactive diagram below from RC Components.

Hello Windows with the Logitech BRIO 4K Pro Webcam (Updated pricing)

5 days ago

Logitech is well known for its computer peripherals: keyboards, mouses, PC games controllers, speakers and headphones, remote controls and, of course, webcams. Strangely, in a world where most new phone

Avoid broadband blackouts with Telstra’s new home internet gateway

6 days ago

Telstra has launched an Australian-first solution for its home customers that help them set up Internet connections sooner, and stay connected longer.

Valentine’s Day message from Netflix: Australians cheat on their significant others

6 days ago

Movie and TV streaming behemoth Netflix has issued a warning this Saint Valentine’s Day: there’s an epidemic of Australians cheating on their partners … when it comes to Netflix viewing.

Apple Pay comes to more banks

7 days ago

Apple Pay is coming to two more Australian banks and one credit union by the end of the Month. ING Direct and Macquarie Bank, along with Central Murray Credit Union

Five of the best: Show your love for him this Valentine’s Day

7 days ago

Nothing says “I love you!” better on Saint Valentine’s Day than the gift of a thoughtfully chosen gadget. We qualified that statement in our suggestions for him to buy for

Five of the best: show your love for her this Valentine’s Day

1 week ago

Nothing says “I love you!” better on Saint Valentine’s Day than the gift of a thoughtfully chosen gadget. Well, except for diamonds, perfume, flowers, quality chocolates and a romantic getaway.

Review: Lexar Professional Workflow SR2 SD card reader

1 week ago

A few weeks ago I was copying yet another bunch of photos from an SD card into my computer, watching the Windows copy progress graph as – chug, chug, chug

SD Cards – a Primer

2 weeks ago

SD cards are confusing. We all have SD cards in our digital cameras but what kind do we need? There are different suffixes and different speed ratings and different buses