Why you need to look at Alcatel’s latest Pop and Idol phones

While you may not know it, Alcatel is the 3rd largest mobile handset manufacturer in Australia by volume. So why aren’t they making the news like Apple, Samsung and the

The GadgetGuy talks takeover of the robots!

Our resident gadget expert Peter Blasina talks all about the takeover of robots on 612ABC Brisbane. Time to bow down to our robot masters? Listen in below:

Pokemon GO gaming craze can be dangerous

In case you haven’t heard about Pokémon GO, which is all the rage at the moment, it’s so popular that some people are actually getting injured playing it. There have

The necessary appliance: a guide to the modern toaster

Sometimes the toaster needs a replacement, or even just a refresh, so if you find yourself craving toast, here's a guide to the modern toaster.

Symantec aims for a secure web, will offer free(ish) certificates

The makers of Norton 360 do a little more than just make security software, and it even has a vision for a totally secure world wide web, with the company taking one step towards it… though there is a catch.

Cards come to more phones as Samsung Pay launches locally

Apple Pay isn't the only game in town anymore, because owners of a recent Samsung Galaxy phone can now tap to pay with a technology that should work everywhere.

New updates from Apple for just about everything

While there were no hardware announcements from this year’s World Wide Developer’s Conference in San Francisco, Apple certainly had a lot to announce in terms of software updates. We were at the ground at WWDC, to bring you a wrap up of all of the new things we can expect.

Bryston builds a turntable (and it’s a big deal)

When companies enter new areas, it’s a big deal, and with amp maker Bryston making a record player, you can bet it’s a big deal.