Australians consume 3.1 exabytes … in one quarter

4 days ago

ACMA, the Australian Communications and Media Authority, has released its latest report to the Federal Parliament.* And, yes, in three months of this year, Australians downloaded 3.1 exabytes worth of

X-Mas Gift Guide: Ear gear for Christmas

4 days ago

Does your loved one like a little private listening? Are they a committed sportsperson who needs some personal audio to help pass the hours on the track? Might they be

Review: Google Daydream View

4 days ago

Once upon a time there was Google Glass, which was Google’s experiment with a kind of augmented reality. Then there was Google Cardboard, which was a passive, low cost device

Review: Dyson CSYS Task Light

5 days ago

The most famous Dyson products are vacuum cleaners. Vacuum cleaners have electric motors, and are largely about air flow, so it isn’t surprising that the company branched out into other

Review: Dell Inspiron 13 5000 (8th Gen) 2-in-1 notebook computer

6 days ago

Tablet or 2-in-1? That’s the question often facing portable computer purchasers. Perhaps the balance has been tipped little in favour of the former lately, since I’ve noticed airlines starting to

Microsoft Edge comes to Android

6 days ago

When Windows 10 was released two years ago, it came with a brand new browser by the name of “Edge”. This was both very stylish, and a useless piece of

Review: Google Pixel 2 XL smart phone

7 days ago

When Google launched its Pixel phones at the tail end of 2016, they were very well received. But time moves on, and I’ve lately been spending a little quality time

Resetting a Windows 8 computer for fun

1 week ago

One of my kids has left long behind her 2012 HP Pavilion G6 notebook computer. It was slow, clunky, overloaded and unwanted, so I decided to restore it to new

Epson launches five and six colour Expression Premium Photo printers

1 week ago

It seems that the full colour range available to the human eye can’t be fully expressed just by mixing three or four colours. At least with our technology so far.

Review: BioConnected HR+ Biosensing Sports Earphones

1 week ago

Measuring your heart rate is a vitally important part of modern exercise management, but how do you do that? Some devices shine a light through the skin of your wrist

Tech setup can be daunting

2 weeks ago

If you have ever purchased a new piece of consumer tech, the setup process can be arduous. Even Gadget Guy can have issues, and we do this for a living.

Nokia is back – celebrates 1st birthday

2 weeks ago

Iconic phone maker Nokia has risen from the Microsoft ashes under a new owner – HMD Global and it has just celebrated its first birthday.

Microsoft Surface Book 2 – improves on perfection (first look)

2 weeks ago

Microsoft got the Surface Book formula right last year with many acerbic tech journos eating crow and swapping from their beloved MacBook Pro.

(Updated) Review: D-Link Cobra DSL-5300 MU-MIMO Wi-Fi Modem Router

2 weeks ago

In his first look the other day at the new D-Link Cobra AC-5300 modem router, our Ray Shaw was dazzled. “Deadly to slow internet” he said. Now we’ve managed to

Kestrel Drop – wireless environmental data logger (review)

2 weeks ago

If you need to know the current temperature, let alone the humidity, heat index, dew point and more the Kestrel Drop may be what you need.

Logitech G603 and G613 – LIGHTSPEED wireless mouse and mechanical keyboard (review)

2 weeks ago

Logitech G series is for serious gamers and others, like me, who understand that gaming technology, especially mechanical key switches and Hero optical mice sensors, can add a new productivity